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Child sex trafficking victims given money from sale of former brothel →

The funds will be divided equally among five underage victims … but older women commercially sexually exploited in the same brothels are not eligible for assistance:

[The judge] excluded nine other women in their 20s and 30s from benefiting in his decision, though federal officials had argued they too had been beaten, threatened and used by the same criminal group. [The judge] said he was unable to determine how much each woman had collected in cash as a prostitute - willing or not.

Part of this is cool: trafficking victims need money to start a new life; traffickers have been profiting off of their victims. It seems just to provide funds for victims out of the fruits of traffickers’ ill-gotten gains.

But the judge’s reticence to view the older women as genuine victims is troubling.

… what does income from prostitution have to do with the question of restitution? Imagine a woman on another job claiming she was sexually harassed by a supervisor. Would a damage award be docked because she also collected a salary? 

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